NXT Nutrition UK

Online Store, Packaging, Expo Stand and Leaflet Design
NXT Nutrition Online Store on Desktop & Tablet NXT Nutrition Online Store on 3 Devices Showcasing NXT Nutrition Website on Mobile Devices NXT Nutrition Beef Protein Packaging Design NXT Nutrition Leaflet Late 2015 Banners for NXT Nutrition's Expo Stand Photos of NXT Nutrition Expo Stand at BodyPower 2015

About This Project

We originally developed NXT UK’s online store and some leaflets for their customers. This eventually grew to include working alongside in-house NXT designer Sam Crawford, on a brand new product design, Beef Protein. Along with this we have designed a lot of flyers for NXT Nutrition UK over 2014/2015.  Amongst all of this we were also asked to design their expo stand custom size artwork & pull up banners for BodyPower in 2015.


NXT Nutrition UK

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